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This is a leafy route with a variety of vegetation consisting in holm oaks, gall oaks, olive trees, pines... There are also a lot of springs and fountains on it for the traveller to satiate his thirst. Half way along the path you will possibly see bustards, red partridges, sparrows, wood pigeons, hares, rabbits, otters, etc.
ITINERARY: The route begins on the Colmenar-Chinchón M-404 road which you leave on your right after seeing a sign-board indicating the start of the route. About 300 metres on, you will be on a wide path which you follow to the right for 100 metres. After crossing the Veguilla Stream you will find yourself on a livestock track on the left. 400 metres further on you leave this track to take a cattle track on the left. This is the Valdecabañas Track. You will go through olive groves, crossing the stream several times. There are pine trees on the left and olive trees on the right until you reach a fork in the path on the left. Do not take this. Some 700 metres on you will come to the end of this path. The other path comes out on the Mueda Track, with the Calvario Lookout on your right. 100 metres after taking this path, at the first cross-roads you take the right-hand track amidst vineyards and olive trees to the end. On this track you will only see two crossings – two paths on the left which you must not take. The end of the route coincides with a cross-roads.


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JourneyBelmonte de Tajo
Length7 km
Duration2 hours on foot
Height700-740 metres
UsersOn foot
SeasonAll year round
ActivitiesViews over the countryside and observation of wild life. Cycling for beginners.
AdviceTake water. In summer, take suitable protection from the sun