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  • If anything characterises this region, it is its passion for bull-fighting. In the southeast of Madrid we find all the aspects of the bull-fighting world: corralling of bulls, beguiling the bull, amateur bull-fights with young animals, lances, the first bull-fights of the day, and normal bull-fights. During the festivities of their Patron Saints the towns are a scene of corralling and bull-fights. All the neighbours participate, even the smallest in the children’s corrals, where “false animals” are used, and in particular the youngsters who dress up in the uniforms of the bull-fighting clubs. In several towns the Main Squares are still used for the fights, centenary-old squares converted for a few days into bull rings. Like the Plaza in Belmonte de Tajo which which is still round with an arena in the centre. Famous bull-fighters have been born in this region, excellent banderilleros, renowned “recortadores” (beguilers of bulls), and one of the best pastimes.

    The offer is varied:

    In APRIL: Villamanrique de Tajo
    In MAY: Belmonte de Tajo and Estremera
    In JULY: Valdelaguna
    In AUGUST: Tielmes and Perales de Tajuña
    In SEPTEMBER: Belmonte de Tajo, Carabaña, Fuentidueña de Tajo, Orusco de Tajuña, Valdaracete, Valdilecha, Villamanrique de Tajo and Villarejo de Salvanés.
    In OCTOBER: Brea de Tajo, Estremera and Villarejo de Salvanés.
  • Carabaña